The Rotary Club of Falmouth in conjunction with Falmouth School and the Mayor's Office are setting up an annual Young Citizens Award open to all residents of Falmouth of secondary school age. Nominations for the award have to be received by the Rotary President by July 1st. Letters to all youth organisations in Falmouth have been sent asking them to forward nominations.  The nominations will then be assessed and six youngsters will be interviewed for the award which will be presented by the Mayor in late July.




The Rotary Club of Falmouth with the support of Falmouth Town Council and Falmouth School are setting up an annual Young Citizens Award.

To be eligible for this award a young person must be a resident of Falmouth and be of secondary school age.Their names together with a brief summary as to why they are being nominated must be put forward by the 1st July each year to the President, Rotary Club of Falmouth c/o Greenbank Hotel, Harbourside, Falmouth TR11 2SR.A committee of three people will vet the applications  and interview six of the applicants mid-July to judge the most deserving candidate on their record of outstanding community service through:-Working with a voluntary organisation; Assisting with town projects; Helping the vulnerable.The Award will be presented by the Mayor of Falmouth together with £50 from the Mayoral Fund in late July. The names of the recipients kept in a Book of Honour. The winner will be nominated along with others for the privilege of switching on the Christmas lights.The winner will also be put forward for the RIBI (Rotary International Briton and Ireland)  National Young Citizens Award which carries a £500 prize to be given to a Charity of their choice along with national coverage.We would be delighted to receive nominations from any voluntary organisation in the Falmouth area.

Falmouth Young Citizens Award 17th July 2015 

The Mayor, Councillor John Body, presented the Falmouth Rotary Young Citizens Award to sixteen year old Ty Gilbert nominated by the Falmouth Police Cadets.  Fourteen candidates, who were all from Falmouth and of secondary school age, were nominated for the award for their work with voluntary organisations, assisting projects within the town and helping the disadvantaged.  All the candidates met the judges and talked about their work within the community.

The Mayor was part of the judging committee and said "all the candidates go that extra mile to help others within the local community on a voluntary basis and I am very proud that Falmouth has so many committed and dedicated young people.  Ty was the standout candidate whose contribution to Falmouth covers a diverse range of activities and organisations."

TY Gilbert 26th October 2015 

Ty Gilbert and his sponsor PSO Ellie Grey were our guests at lunch and gave a presentation on being a Police Cadet along with an insight into why Ty had been chosen as the first recipient of the Falmouth Rotary Young Citizens Award. These include:-

*   Supporting Family Fun Days; Supporting the town on a number of Civic duties; Helping his Cadet Group achieve a higher standard; Supporting the Community with Crime Prevention; Raising funds for local charities;Working with the Cop Car Project.

*   Cop Car Project 7 kit cars are being built by different community groups,. This involves them being given a car kit which they have to build and race. This year over 56 young people took part helping to build a relationship with families who would not otherwise engage     with the police.