Every year the Rotary Club of Falmouth has, as part of the RIBI Kids Out Day, arranged for some of the most deprived young people in Falmouth to have a fun day out. Nationally the RIBI Kids Out day is held in June and is for Kids only, in Falmotuh we also invite their parents along as we recognise they will also benefit from a day out and hold the day in the Summer half term.  

Kids Out Day : Dracaena Centre : Thursday May 28th:12.00 - 16.00.

A great day, good weather, excellent footfall reaching the less fortunate in our community.  Best estimate - over 200 people attended of wich 70 plus were children,  a number of adults and children were carers and others from disadvataged families. A bouncy castle, a todlers blow up slide, two shooting ranges, a blow up football pitch with boules and badminton areas, face painting, 'Wack the Rat', a coconut shy, loop the chicken and loop the skittles, get a ball in a bucket. Perhaps the most popular event consisted of two figures with cut-out faces allowing those brave enouth to stand behind while wet sponges were thrown at them. Teas and snacks available, plenty of free games and activities.  Many thanks to the Dracaena Centre and staff for the venue and support, Julie Pikesley for her unstinting help over many years, the Coast Guard and Fire Service for displays, Sainsbury and Asda for prizes and fellow Rotary members for support.